All of these works have been presented orally by the students.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police dogs


Animal/ Insect: Scorpion
Superhero: Scorpionman
Real name: Víjuan Vife
Description: He’s got short hair. His hair is dark.
Costume: He’s got a red and black costume with a scorpion
Abilities: He can fly and he can run. He can climb and jump.
Other information: He’s 20 years old
In the picture: He’s next to the Empire State

1 ESO A: Iván F and Sergio T

Tuesday, June 15, 2010




REAL NAME: Matilda

DESCRIPTION: She’s got short hair and her hair is blond.

COSTUME: She’s got a white ballerina costume a white hat, heart sunglasses and sheriff boots.

ABILITIES: She can fly but she can’t jump.

OTHER INFORMATION: Her boyfriend is a dog.
She studies in Sagrada Familia school.

IN THE PICTURE: She is dancing in the disco.

1 ESO A: Giovanna and Paula


Superheroine: Burgerwoman.

Real name: Vanessa Bur.

Description: She’s very big and fat.

Costume: She’s got an orange and brown costume.

Abilities: She can fly, run and jump. She can’t swim.

Other information: She’s got a special cape.

In the picture: She’s in front of the Burger King.

1 ESO A: Paula and Marta


Animal/ Insect: Spider / Pig.

Super hero: Spider Pig.

Real name: Harry Popotter.

Description: He has a big nose, and he is very fat. He’s very small and his skin is pink.

Costume: He has a blue and pink costume with a pink mask. He has a spider on his chest and he has a yellow pig on his back.

Abilities: He can climb a wall, jump and run.

Other information: He has a song:
Spider Pig,
Spider Pig,
He can climb a wall
As Spiderman

1 ESO C: Adrià and Alejandro



SUPERHERO: Crocodileman.

REAL NAME: Jake Coleman.

DESCRIPTION: He hasn't got hair. He's strong.

COSTUME: He's got broken trousers.

ABILITIES: He can jump and catch things with his tail.


IN THE PICTURE: He's standing in front of the skyscraper.

1 ESO B, Christian G

Friday, June 11, 2010